Organic ingredients & social commitment 

the project

Mimi´s Garden is a project founded in 2016

with the aim to produce high quality organic products and create lucky moments.


The following three key factors play an important role:

the social character, the environmental component and the economic realizability.





For each article sold from Mimi´s Garden 5 Cents go straight to social projects and institutions.

Apart from January 2017 we´ll support the NGO "Gemüseackerdemie" (vegetable academy) which promotes the creation of gardens at public schools. It´s an educational program with the aim to transmit the knowledge of organic farming, develop practical and socials skills of participants, 

promote sustainable actions in daily life and finally bring freah vegetables back on the table. 






the heart

With every item sold

the extra touch


On the outside of the packaging the product description "date + nuts" can be found in braille.

Braille is a scripture embossed printing that is allowes people

with visual impairment to write and read.

This way we´d like to participate in the inclution of  people with visual impairment and their self-determined lives.

Surely currently there are only a few companies that print braille on their products,

so a barrier-free shopping is still not possible for many people.

We would be happy if more producers decide to print the product description on the outside of the folding box. Many printing companies do have the technology to apply these technique because of the laws regarding the medicines.

Thanks to the Von-Vincke school in Soest, Germany,

which supported us with the development of the packaging.

the packaging

biodegradable plant-based film

The for the packaging used film is based on wood cellulose, that means that there is no plastic used.

The film is totally biodegradable and that under natural conditions,

such as in household composts.

In case the film would end up in open waters, it decomposts within a few weeks and does not contamined the groundwater.

The plant fiber is won from controlled forestry according to FSC standards.

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