Mimi´s Garden is an enterprise founded in 2016

with the aim to produce high quality organic products and share them.

After a long time of trying, thinking and retrying,

finally we´re proud to be able to present our first creation.



the base

Natural ingredients


With love and patience we selected every single ingredient for our bliss balls.

We love humanity and nature,

that´s why we exclusively use organic raw materials.

Our confetionery is vegan, gluten free and there is no sugar added.

Let´s start the journey of taste & try our three different flavours.



the project

for human & nature

We feel deeply in touch with human and nature, that´s why we exclusively use ingredients sourced from ecological farming.

Organic products have a positive effect on people, as well as on our environment.


the packaging

biodegrabable & wood-based film


The date treats are packed in a wood-based film within a few weeks.

It´s not only more caring for the product but for the environment as well.

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